Verdict: It looks grim for Fulham – but the future’s bright for Tosin

Last week was gut-wrenching. This was worse.

Fulham were denied a first-ever win at Arsenal by a 97th-minute equaliser – another late goal conceded in the battle to stay up.

Against Wolves there was no doubt about the last second-winner. This time, there was the faint hope the opposition’s stab in the heart would be overturned by VAR.

Not so, and in truth, Fulham claimed a point against the odds and very clearly, the run of play.

Josh Maja’s conversion from the spot was their one shot on target all game.

Having inched ahead, they manned the barricades with a will as the home side cranked up the pressure.

For all that, Bobby Decordova-Reid had more than enough time to clear the ball in the build-up to the equaliser as it sailed at him from a cross in the dying seconds.

It looked as if no-one gave him a call, so instead he back-headed for the corner that paved the way for the Gunners grab a point.

Zonal marking then cost Fulham when no one picked up Dani Ceballos to fire in the telling shot stabbed home by Eddie Nketiah to condemn the visitors.

Still, the Whites have had more than fair share of VAR nods going their way.

In fact, it’s now 6-2 to Fulham on that score.

Before the leveller, two went their way when a big toe cost Arsenal in the first half and a level pair of limbs awarded the visitors a penalty in the second period.

The build-up to the Gunners non-goal was a lesson in speed of thought and one touch, and Fulham don’t do that.

Look how Fulham make their way forward.

When was the last time you saw two one-touch passes back-to-back?

That’s right, none of us can remember.

But they got the rub of the green when Maja stepped up to become the club’s fourth penalty taker this term.

Tosin shows his class

Tosin would have been watching from the sidelines were it not for Terence Kongolo’s bad luck.

The Dutch defender’s sickening litany of injury after a terrific Premier League debut against Wolves prised open the door again for a young player who has been outstanding for most of the season, expect for two dreadful howlers against Burnley and Aston Villa.

And howlers they most certainly were. It cost his side three points, but he was back to near his best at The Emirates.

Definitely one who’s going to make an impact in the future.

Alphonse Areola is another who can expect clubs to come in for him.

Another superlative performance from the French keeper, and he doesn’t deserve to be in a side now a shoo-in for a plunge back to the Championship.

Interesting was Aleksandar Mitrovic back on the bench.

Scott Parker, ahead of his 100th game in charge, clearly thought he needed to muster what pace he has to get beyond Arsenal’s defence.

Mitro is plenty of things. Fast he is not.

But there was so little attacking play from his team, pace or otherwise made no difference.

Harrison Reed also needed a rest.

One of the success stories of the season has run hundreds of miles for the cause. But it seems to have caught up with of late.