Parker says there is ‘understanding and clarity’ over who takes Fulham’s next penalty

Fulham will stick with the same small group of penalty takers when they face Leicester on Monday – despite the fact Whites have missed three in a row.

Ivan Cavaleiro was the latest culprit when he slipped at the crucial moment from 12 yards against Everton on Sunday.

Before that, Ademola Lookman and Aleksandar Mitrovic missed from the spot – and Scott Parker admits it’s cost the club five precious points in their bid to avoid relegation.

However, the head coach has no intention of widening the group, who he insists have been practising hard to make amends.

“The decision on who takes penalties will never be taken on the pitch,” he said.

“It’s decided in the days leading up to a game. The understanding and clarity leading up to Monday night will be there; and we practice that process; the run-up, or whatever it may be.

“That group of players is the same group is the same as it was at the start of the season, and I’m sure all clubs have them.

“At Manchester United I’m sure there are four likely penalty takers, at Tottenham, whoever it might be, there are players very comfortable taking penalties, like set-plays, and some who are not.

“This is no different and I understand why it’s highlighted because we’ve missed the last three”.

Parker’s mentioning the run-up is no co-incidence as Cavaleiro’s miss was largely attributed to his acute angle of run-up that saw him kick the ball with his right foot against his slipping left and over the bar.