Two wins and we’re champions – it’s important for us to stay focused

If we win our final two matches we’ll be champions. In fact if other results go our way we could even win the title if we beat Everton on Sunday. It’s very exciting – and a bit nerve wracking!

Birmingham and Liverpool, who are just below us in the table, are very good teams, but we know what we have to do.

The excitement is very much in check. We aren’t thinking too far ahead as we don’t won’t to get caught up in the moment.

Chelsea haven’t won the title before but we have players at the club now who are used to winning and they are helping to share that winning mentality with players, like myself, who haven’t won anything before. I believe we have enough spirit and personality in the team to push on.

It is in our hands and I will be aware of the results of the other games but they’re not that important to me. Birmingham’s next game is against Notts County, who recently beat us. They’re currently second bottom, just above Everton, who we play on Saturday.

Two more wins would guarantee the Women's Super League title
Two more wins would guarantee the Women’s Super League title

But the gap between the top and the bottom teams is slim – and you see it in most leagues that when a team is fighting for survival, anything can happen.

That defeat against Notts and a cup semi-final loss against Manchester City came after a massive victory against Arsenal in the league, which I feel took a lot out of the team. I felt that we were the better team but just struggled to put away our chances.

From a team perspective we aren’t dwelling too much on the losses. The emotions and disappointments that have come from them are going to be channelled positively and we are now focusing on the Everton game on Sunday.

I personally try to approach setbacks positively. I believe that I have the mental strength to deal with them and don’t dwell too much.

I give myself about an hour or so after the game to stew over it but then I leave it to one side and focus on what we did well in the game rather than what we didn’t.

We’ve certainly had time to reflect this season, as the nature of the league has been quite stop-start. That has been a difficult one to manage because it is very hard to gather momentum.

On the positive side, however, when things aren’t going well it gives you the opportunity to come back together and refresh.

I do believe though that it has to change from a fan’s perspective as it is harder to follow and get excited about games when the they are so sporadic.

From a team point of view I don’t think it has affected our season too much. All of the other teams have equally had to put up with it so I wouldn’t say it has been a massive issue for us. It’s more an issue of trying to stay switched on mentally and focused for a longer period which can be tiring.

But it will all be worth it if we achieve our goal. We will need all the extra help and support we can get to make this happen so am hoping that as many Chelsea fans as possible get down to the game at Staines on Sunday.

They have been great all season and are to credit for our great home record. I’m hoping this continues on Sunday when we will be needing them most.

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