Bottler Bosingwa should never pull on a Rangers shirt again

Jose Bosingwa was handed the perfect opportunity against Manchester United to prove he isn’t just another mercenary footballer.

Instead he underlined exactly why he has become so unpopular among QPR fans.

His performance was, in many ways, respectable enough.

But he doesn’t look anywhere near the player who made overlapping runs for Porto and Portugal in his prime.

“He’s trained hard and is showing the right attitude again. There’s no question he can play.” – QPR boss Harry Redknapp on Bosingwa.

And then on 80 minutes, he confirmed what I and others have been thinking since he signed: he is not fit to wear the shirt.

He completely bottled a 50/50 tackle with Danny Welbeck in the build-up to Ryan Giggs’ late clincher.

Bosingwa’s body language after the goal – head down and avoiding all eye contact with his team-mates – suggested he knew he could have prevented it.

Instead he dangled his toe like Natalie Portman in Black Swan, with none of the beauty and grace.

For the next 10 minutes he appeared to do his best to avoid getting too involved.

And it was made clear to him, in very colourful language, by fans below me in the commentary box above the Ellerslie Road stand, that his feeble attempt to stop the goal wasn’t acceptable.

If QPR want to stay up – and I can’t see how a side so clearly lacking in real unity are going to pick up the wins needed – then Mr Bosingwa needs to be kept away from the first team.

I’d rather bring young Michael Harriman back from his loan spell with Wycombe than see Bosingwa in a hooped shirt again.

Harriman hasn’t won the Champions League or played in major international tournaments, but he has what Bosingwa is so clearly lacking – the ability and desire to fight and scrap for every ball.

What Rangers also desperately need is a Roy Keane-like figure to make it clear to the likes of Bosingwa that shirking is unacceptable. Leadership is sorely lacking.

The ‘project’ first put forward under Briatore and Ecclestone and continued by Tony Fernandes is slowly turning into a bad case of the dog eating the homework.

It’s gone horribly wrong this season but then like anything in life, if the foundation isn’t right it will collapse at some stage.

And Bosingwa and his attitude go a long way to explaining why Loftus Road is such a sombre place for R’s fans at the moment.


Rob Brennan is a commentator for blind and partially sighted supporters at QPR home matches and a columnist for The Irish Post.





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