Zola: Chelsea’s style will benefit Hazard

Eden Hazard scored his second Chelsea hat-trick when the Blues beat Cardiff

Assistant boss Gianfranco Zola is confident Chelsea’s style of play will help Eden Hazard reach his full potential.

Head coach Maurizio Sarri has said Hazard is “maybe the best player in Europe” but could still improve.

Blues legend Zola agreed with his fellow Italian and said the Belgian playmaker is “getting better and better”.

“I believe that he can use his skills even in a better way,” Zola added. “I totally believe this and I think this year the team and Maurizio are happy to really help him reach his full potential.

“As you play and you have more experiences, you play at a high level for a long time, you get better and better and you know how to use you ability in a better way – in a more efficient way.”

Chelsea legend Zola returned to the club this summer [Picture: Mike Egerton/PA Wire]

Zola believes Chelsea’s possession game and change of tactics from the more counter-attacking approach under Antonio Conte will get the best out of Hazard, who has scored five goals in four starts and two substitute appearances for Chelsea this season.

Zola, speaking at a media conference on Tuesday afternoon, said Hazard has the ability to adapt without a great deal of assistance.

“It’s a process that he’s going to do himself,” Zola said.

“Of course we’re going to try to help him be more effective on the pitch and I think the way we try to play will benefit him a lot because we try to play in the opposition’s half.

“The closer we keep him to the goal the more we can get him to receive the ball around the box, the more effective he can be.

“It’s about giving him the opportunity to use his ability in the best area of the pitch, which is close to the goal.

“The whole team is playing that way and he will take a lot of benefits from that. Plus, he will learn how he can be more effective.”