The current challenges for Chelsea manager Graham Potter

Whilst it appears like Graham Potter has turned around the fortunes at Chelsea after his difficult start, the former Brighton Albion manager has some challenges he needs to take care of. When the Chelsea Manager left Brighton in September to join the Blues, many football experts wondered whether it was the right move for the English manager. 

Graham Potter has managed to get Chelsea back to winning ways, even progressing in the Champions League, overcoming a strong and talented Borussia Dortmund side. The biggest disappointment for Chelsea this season is the inability to get in the top four of the English Premier League. Whilst Chelsea fans have been loyal to the team in the past, even tickets for Chelsea FC decreased in price according to Seat Compare as demand decreased. 

It is no secret that Chelsea FC is a difficult football club to manage with high expectations and previous interventions from the previous owners, however it’s unlikely that Potter has faced the last big challenge in this job. Here are a few of the  expected issues we think Graham Potter is going to have to tackle in the coming months. 

Top-heavy squad 

Currently most of the best players in Chelsea’s squad play in the attacking end of the pitch and there is simply not enough positions to get them all on the field. The problem goes deeper than that though, as many of these players have very similar footballing styles. Thus, if he wants to change the game, he is often substituting a like-for-like player. 

Finding his best 11

It’s clear to anyone who watched the first few months of Potters’ tenure that he is still trying to figure out the best 11 for his team. This sort of uncertainty translates to the players and leads to issues on the pitch. This has been plain to see in a number of games this season, most notably their loss against struggling Southampton. 

What to do with misfiring strikers 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s future looks to be away from Stamford Bridge, but he isn’t the only Chelsea striker who is struggling this season. Armando Broja is side-lined, Joao Felix hasn’t been overly impressive, and David Datro Fofana has only made a handful of appearances. Despite Chelsea’s massive level of recruitment over the last two transfer windows, they haven’t come up with a striker who can consistently put the ball in the back of the net. This is going to prove to be a problem for The Blues. 

Injuries of key players

Reece James, Kai Havertz and Raheem Sterling have all suffered injuries in recent weeks, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when looking at Chelsea’s issues around keeping their players fit. This has to be a cause of concern for Potter, as he is unlikely to lead the team to glory if they’re missing their best players on a consistent basis. 

Getting the fans and media back on board

There was a sense of optimism when Potter first joined Chelsea,  that has all but disappeared due to poor performances and uninspiring media appearances from the manager. If Graham Potter is going to turn the tide at CFC, he will need the Stamford Bridge faithful to be on his side. We are not sure whether that is possible, considering some of the murmurings from the camp. There is also the issue of how Potter is now viewed in football circles, with many pundits no longer viewing him as the great hope of English management. Former Liverpool player Stan Collymore has already said: “Stan Collymore is in the same boat: “I understand that he’s trying to find his preferred lineup, but he’s running out of time. (Chelsea owner) Todd Boehly’s patience is being tested and although all the heat is on the manager at the moment, if the fanbase starts to question the owner, then it’s only a matter of time before Potter is sacked.”

What do you think, how will Graham Potter deal with these challenges and will he still be the manager of Chelsea at the start of next season.