Reece James on Mason Mount’s Potential Move and Chelsea’s Future with Pochettino

In what could be a significant transfer for the upcoming summer, Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount is rumored to be joining Manchester United. This potential move has garnered mixed reactions among Chelsea players, including Reece James, who expressed his sadness over the possible departure of his teammate. 

However, James remains hopeful that the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino as Chelsea’s new manager will bring about a positive change in the club’s fortunes. With a challenging season behind them, Chelsea is aiming to rebuild their squad, and James shares his thoughts on the club’s future prospects.

Mount’s Impending Departure and James’ Reaction

Reece James, who has been a part of Mason Mount’s journey from their shared days in the Chelsea academy, fully understands the value and potential of the talented midfielder. Consequently, the news of Mount’s potential move to Manchester United weighs heavily on James’ mind. 

Having witnessed Mount’s growth and development firsthand, James acknowledges the immense loss that Chelsea would face if their prized midfielder were to depart. When questioned about his sentiments concerning Mount’s possible departure, James’s response was sincere. 

He openly admitted that the departure of Mount would not only affect him personally but would also leave a profound sense of sadness among everyone at Chelsea, as they have come to appreciate the significant contributions and skills that Mount brings to the team.

Ben Chilwell’s Perspective on Mount’s Future

Another Chelsea player, Ben Chilwell, also expressed his desire for Mount to remain at the club. As Mount’s close friend, Chilwell voiced his personal preference for the midfielder to stay but recognized that the final decision lies outside his control. 

Chilwell, known for his focus on the game both on and off the field, refrained from offering further comments on the matter, respecting the private nature of the situation and prioritizing the team’s performance over any external factors, including online sports betting.

Pochettino’s Appointment and Hopes for Improvement

Chelsea’s disappointing season, marked by a 12th-place finish and their lowest-ever Premier League points tally, has prompted a managerial change. With the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino, the club aims to restore stability and initiate a summer rebuild. 

Reece James, like many others, looks forward to working under Pochettino and holds high hopes for the manager’s ability to rejuvenate the team. James expressed his excitement, stating that Pochettino is widely regarded as a great manager.

Reflecting on a Challenging Season

Reece James’ journey throughout the season was marred by injuries, limiting his appearances on the field. Despite the setbacks, James remains optimistic that both he and the club will experience improvements moving forward. He believes that with Pochettino’s guidance, Chelsea can establish themselves as a strong and competitive side, leaving behind the difficulties faced during the previous campaign.

Chelsea’s Summer Rebuilding Efforts

Alongside the potential departures of Mount and Mateo Kovacic, whose contracts expire in 2024, Chelsea is actively seeking new additions to reinforce their squad. The club has reportedly secured a £52 million deal for Sporting Lisbon’s defensive midfielder, Manuel Ugarte, highlighting their commitment to strengthening the team. This influx of new talent, combined with Pochettino’s leadership, is expected to set Chelsea on a positive trajectory for the upcoming season.


Reece James’s heartfelt reaction to Mason Mount’s potential move to Manchester United exemplifies the strong bond between teammates. While acknowledging the possibility of Mount’s departure, James remains optimistic about Chelsea’s future under Mauricio Pochettino. With a determined effort to rebuild the squad and the imminent arrival of new signings, Chelsea aims to regain their competitive edge and overcome the challenges of the previous season. 

As fans eagerly await the official confirmation of Mount’s transfer, they can take solace in the fact that the club is proactively working towards a brighter future.