Pochettino unhappy with Christmas eve fixture

Mauricio Pochettino admits he’s expecting an ear bashing from his wife after Chelsea’s clash with Wolves at Molineux was moved to Christmas Eve.

Pochettino was due to be celebrating his wedding anniversary on December 23 but will instead spend it preparing for the game at a hotel in the Black Country after the Premier League made the decision to play a fixture the day before Christmas for the first time in 28 years.

The Blues boss said he feels sympathy for Blues supporters who will have to travel to the West Midlands and said he will need to find a way of breaking the news to his wife Karina, who he believes won’t fancy spending an evening in Wolverhampton to mark 31 years of marriage.

“I don’t believe I am going to convince her to come,” Pochettino said.

“Also why I am not happy is because I think we play, we work and everything we are do is for our fans.

“Without fans football is nothing. We need to protect and care and look after our fans. They are not happy because it is common sense. I can accept that.

“I didn’t prepare anything but my wife has, but now that’s all gone!

“Yes of course I will try to make new plans for sure, but I don’t know what.

“I am on Google looking for some ideas to compensate (typing) … ‘not happy wife’.”

Pochettino said the fixture will also cause havoc with his family’s Christmas plans with Argentines traditionally celebrating on December 24.

“We prepare all day because we celebrate on the night of the 24th,” he said.

“We celebrate more the 24th night when it arrives because on the 25th you sleep nearly all day because you celebrate the night before.

“But here it is different because you celebrate on the 25th when you are with the family.

“But it’s OK. I need to see the things in a different way.

“It is strange. For sure our fans are not happy but we need to accept this new era in football.”