Lampard ‘comfortable’ with Boehly speaking to players

Frank Lampard has insisted he has no problem with Todd Boehly addressing Chelsea’s players.

The co-owner has spoken to the team on a number of occasions and did so in the dressing room after Saturday’s chastening home defeat by Brighton.

Lampard, back at the club for a second spell in charge, having been installed as interim boss until the end of the season, was a fixture of the team under former owner Roman Abramovich, and says he welcomes Boely’s input.

“I am comfortable with that,” said Lampard, whose side face Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday evening.

“There was maybe some criticism of our old owner for not coming to the games and being around – and that wasn’t always true to be fair.

“When an owner is very invested, and they’re interested in the team and wanting to help and improve, I think it’s their prerogative to have the input that they want.

“I remember as a player being happy that the owner came in and you could touch, high-five them and listen to them. I don’t think that’s a bad thing in terms of the identity of the club and where you want to get to.

“I have no problem with it. I had my things to say after the game. If an owner comes in and wants to be positive and wants to speak to the players then I think it’s absolutely his prerogative.

“It shows passion and that’s something I like.”


The Blues go into Wednesday’s game 2-0 down from the first leg, having lost all three matches since Lampard’s return, and having endured a miserable season.

But Lampard dismissed a suggestion that Chelsea are “broken” when he spoke at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

“We’re not where we want to be. I think the word broken is a bit much. We’re not where we want to be and that’s clear,” he said.

“We have to improve tomorrow to have a chance of turning this game around. I know the players have the capacity to really give this a go.”