Conte on Bakayoko, Hazard v Messi, the January transfer window, squad rotation and feeling unhappy

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte spoke about a number of issues at a media conference ahead of the game against Huddersfield. Here’s some of what the Italian had to say.

Conte on drawing Barcelona in the Champions League

“It’s a draw and our reaction must be positive. When you are at this stage you must be ready to face every team and in this case we must be ready to face Barcelona.”

On Chelsea’s past battles with Barca

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“It’s the past. Now it’s the present and another story. It’s totally different.”

On whether being at home in the first leg is a disadvantage

“We must be ready to play at home and away. It’s impossible see an advantage playing at home or away in the first game. When you play Barcelona you must put in 120% at home and away if you want to hope to go to the next round.”

On whether facing Lionel Messi is a chance for Eden Hazard to impress

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“I think this type of game is a good chance for every player to show the right value – not only Hazard. Every player has to play in the right play.”

On what he wants against Huddersfield

“We want a different result. The first thing for us is to change the final result, because we lost against West Ham despite dominating the game.

“We created many chances to score but we lost the game and the most important thing tomorrow is to try to have a good final result.”

On Chelsea’s summer signings

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“I’m very happy to work with my players. It’s normal when you’re starting to change, to create a base for Chelsea, that you must have patience and to work – especially with the new players.

“New players need a bit of time to adapt themselves in our idea of football and this league. This is not simple.

“Drinkwater and Bakayoko for example, they started to work with us very late.

“The most important thing is to have the will to work and to try to improve every day.”

On whether he needs new signings in January

“It’s important to try to find a solution in this moment – and not to look too far. There are many games and we have to find a solution early. In this case I think it’s right to rotate players and I can do this.”

On the condition of his players

“You must be ready and smart to prepare for games quickly and try to find the best solution for the team, especially because a lot of players are playing a lot of games and it means some are tired and my task is to try to find the best solution and at the same time not lose our balance.”

On Morata and Alonso being one more yellow card away from bans

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“I think this is part of their job. To receive a yellow card is normal. When it happens you take another yellow card and they are out and we try to find another solution.”

On recently suggesting a title challenge is now “impossible”

“I said that when you lose four in 16 games at the start, my experience is that you are not able to fight for the title.

“My English is not so good, but when I speak I’d like to see what I said (accurately reported). In 16 games, we lost four games, my experience tells me that when you lose four games in 16 it’s impossible to win the title.

“Now we must be focused in the league to go game by game and try to do our best. We have to fight to find a place in the Champions League.”

On not seeming as happy as he usually is

“I’m not happy because we lost the last game. The next game is against Huddersfield. I like to win. When we lose, I’m not happy. This must be very clear.”