EPL Teams Who Offer The Best Betting Value This Season Thus Far

The English Premier League is known all over the world as the most exciting and competitive football competition around. All the top players want to play in it, all the top coaches want to coach in it and all the football fans want to bet on its action. Even before the season started, most online casino and betting platforms were already hard at work depicting which teams had the best odds to win the 21/22 EPL title, which teams had the biggest chances to make a splash in the league and who were doomed for failure. 

It appears that as of right now, most predictions are standing tall and clear, with all the favorites making their presence felt and all other teams squandering to survive the arduous competitive level that the EPL holds. But with that said, which EPL teams hold the best betting value thus far and moving forward in the EPL season?

Sleeper Candidate For Success: West Ham United

West Ham United’s season thus far in the Premier League could perfectly well be the reason as to why the English Premier League is revered all over the world. While there are star-studded teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United all being held as perennial favorites to win the EPL title, it’s been the Hammers who have taken the league by storm in one of the most exciting and refreshing ways we’ve seen as of lately.

Led by a feeling of team unity above personal talent, West Ham United, led by David Moyes, have been showing up and showing off against opponents both locally and internationally in their Europa League matchups. Goalkeeper Alphonse Areola, defenders Craig Dawson and Kurt Zouma and midfielders Declan Rice and Michail Antonio have all been pivotal characters in West Ham’s success this season, having them stand strong behind the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City atop the EPL standings. Could we be in for another epic like Leicester City’s a few years back? Maybe not, but betting on West Ham is surely becoming a favorite pick amongst football fans.

Top Favorite For The Title: Liverpool

While most online football betting sites will show that Manchester City and Chelsea stand atop the list of favorites to win the EPL title, it’s safe to say that the best bet right now and the best team in the Premier League is Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool squad. They have yet to lose a match, both domestically and internationally. Their attacking core of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota have combined for 23 of Liverpool’s total goals this season thus far and it seems like they still haven’t even reached their maximum potential.

While Klopp’s side has been one where volatility has been a perennial issue, it seems that this season there’s no stopping Liverpool on its tracks. They’ve already tied against Chelsea and Manchester City and after the 5-0 thrashing they brought down upon Manchester United, Liverpool couldn’t be riding any higher right now. Defensively, down the middle and attacking, this team has everything it takes to make another run for the EPL title like they did a couple of years back. Their main focus should be to stay constant, because if they achieve that, it will be incredibly hard to stop them.

Best Value Team: Manchester United

It’s funny how when Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he would finally be coming back to Manchester United, the whole football world came to a stop and Manchester United all of a sudden became the team to beat in the EPL this season. They have the roster to be considered favorites, they have the skills, the loyal fan base, the stadium, CR7, everything, well not everything. Solskjaer’s tenure as Man United’s coach feels like it’s on a path to self-destruction rather than resuscitation. But, not to fear United fans, because if there’s one team that can always bounce back and sweep their competition from off their feet, it’s the “Red Devils”.

Yes, if you take the pummelings the team has endured against Liverpool and Leicester City as of late, it would be hard to trust that United has what it takes to bounce back, but it’s still very early to count CR7’s team out of the picture and if they pick up the slack as soon as possible, they could end up becoming one of the biggest threats in the EPL going forward. So if you’re looking for a team that can offer the best value right now while still posting winning results, go with United. If they end up sacking Solskjaer and bringing in a new coach, like Antonio Conte for example, this team will rise rapidly and with an immense thirst for victory.