Chelsea’s Deal With BingX Could Lead to More Forward-Thinking Marketing Strategies

Chelsea are one of a few football clubs in the UK that have forged deals with cryptocurrency companies in the last few years. The Blues have a £10 million sponsorship deal in place with cryptocurrency exchange BingX, which runs until 2026.

This move suggests that the club is seeking more forward thinking marketing strategies and trying to align itself with powerful online trends. It would be wise to add casino game and VR exposure to reach a wider potential fanbase over the next decade.

Time to Break Into Online Casino Games?

No football teams have broken into casino games yet, but Chelsea could easily be the first to take the leap. The online casino industry is booming in the UK, as highlighted by the lucrative casino offers at Paddy Power. Returning players have access to the lucky Wonder Wheel, while new players can receive a deposit bonus and free spins to use on slots.

There are plenty of football themed games at these sites, with Football Hero and Big Football Bonus up there with the most popular. There are also live titles such as Live Football Roulette, designed to appeal to fans of the sport. Chelsea could commission a branded game at one of these sites to maximise its exposure in a bustling industry and win over more fans. This is a technique that works well for films and other entertainment offerings, so there’s nothing stopping it from being a winning method for football clubs as well.

Jumping on Crypto Trend With BingX

Chelsea may have made a wise move in forging a partnership with BingX, as the crypto market is currently bullish and will be hyped up over the next couple of years. The crypto trading platform is the shirt sleeve sponsor this season and will then become the trading kit sponsor until the end of the 2025-26 season. BingX is one of the fastest growing exchanges for decentralised finance in the world, with more than 10 million users already.

Many people believe that cryptocurrencies will be the future of finance, and that blockchain technology will become widespread over the next decade. Chelsea could be ahead of the curve, with other Premier League clubs likely to get involved with crypto companies in the future as well.

VR Marketing Could be Next Step

With Chelsea clearly interested in taking advantage of technological leaps forward, it may not be long before the club has some representation in virtual reality. After the release of Apple’s Vision Pro this year, many people are expecting a huge surge in interest in the technology.

Football clubs like Chelsea could start offering VR tickets to games, or virtual tours of Stamford Bridge. When the technology gets even more advanced, it may even offer users a chance to experience what it’s like to play a match from a player’s perspective.

Crypto is seeping into the mainstream, and Chelsea’s latest deal is an indicator of that. Chelsea should now look to other internet crazes to boost the club’s exposure more in the modern age.