Cech insists Liverpool striker’s header did not cross the line

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech was convinced Andy Carroll’s late effort in the FA Cup final did not cross the line.

Cech, who pushed the striker’s header onto the underside of the crossbar, insisted the decision not to award Liverpool a goal was the correct one.

“I don’t think it was over the line. Not at all,” he told ITV.

“If the ball was over the line I couldn’t have got it out. I’m sure it wasn’t over. I knew it from the first moment.”

Chelsea’s 2-1 victory at Wembley meant they lifted the trophy for the fourth time in six years.

Cech declared: “It’s fantastic what we’ve achieved. We’ve won the cup for the fourth time and no matter how many times we win it, it’s fantastic.”

More reaction to follow.

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