Rosler makes admission after Bees draw

Brentford boss Uwe Rosler claimed his team’s listless display against Scunthorpe was partly down to him overworking them in training.

The Bees were hampered by a virus, which affected Sam Saunders, who did not feature, and Toumani Diagouraga, who went off after half an hour.

And in a frank display of honesty, Rosler admitted that his training schedule in the build-up to the 0-0 draw may also have had an adverse effect.

Rosler said: “We have been unfortunate. We have a virus in the camp. Sam Saunders has had it and so does Toumani.

“Plus, we probably trained too hard this week, which I blame myself for. A combination of those things meant we looked leggy and weren’t able to put pressure on our opponents.

“When we have players who feel tired, leggy and maybe sick, you get a performance like that. We weren’t physically strong enough.”

He added: “This week we put a lot of focus on playing with two strikers again and that’s probably why we put in more work on the training ground than normal. We changed the formation and wanted to make sure everyone knew how we wanted to play.

“I don’t think that is the only reason for it, but I have to be self-critical and say there is a reason why we had three players with cramp. We never had any players have cramp this season, this was the first time, and that is unusual for us.

“There’s a reason for that and why Adam Thompson, who has been fantastic for us, couldn’t move his legs. We have to look into that.”

The result extended Brentford’s run without a home victory to five matches, but Rosler is confident that sequence will soon end.

“It’s not an issue. We have home games coming up and we will get that win,” he insisted.