Do Brentford Need to Overhaul Their Squad for Next Season?

The home stadium for the Brentford community has always inspired people, but in a weird way, it also puts more pressure on Brentford to build a better team that is deserving of that stadium. This introduces the question of whether the Brentford squad really needs a big change, especially in the lead up to next season. In the following article, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the current team.

Also, we will consider essential revisions and finally forecast some of the strategies management could count on in the upcoming season. Understanding all of this is going to be crucial, both for the team moving forward, but also for fans using a betting calculator to assess the team’s chance of success. Because right now, it looks pretty up in the air.

Current Squad Analysis

The analysis of Brentford FC squad setting for the season 2023/24 shows that Brentford has a team with strong points as well as weak points. The squad has reinforced the newcomers, which include Nathan Collins from Wolves, Kevin Schade from Freiburg as well as Mark Flekken from Freiburg that have shown an intention to strengthen the team networks at the rear and in attack. On the other hand, the exit of players like Mads Bidstrup suggests that the team style might be different from the past.

At midfield and defense, Brentford counts on the likes of a creative midfielder, Mathias Jensen, who has proved to be a consistent provider, assisting and scoring goals. His capacity to move the play has proven to be the key to his success, making him one of the cornerstones of Brentford’s scheme. 

Areas for Improvement

The Brentford team analysis gives a mixed picture of the ages of players and their positions, which map a solid pattern in defense and midfield lines. For this purpose, although they could partially compensate for their weak links with the improvement of depth, it doesn’t appear to be a necessity.

Potential Departures

Having said that, the decision may have been made for them. Brentford may undergo holistic transformation because of major players leaving at the season – players in addition to the 6 players who are confirmed to leave after the expiration of their contracts in 2024, which include names like Josh Dasilva, Neal Maupay, Saman Ghoddos, and Ben Mee. Ivan Toney has also been linked with both Chelsea and Arsenal, as well as Neal Maupays, who has come on a loan from Everton to Brentford. 

Does Brentford Need to Upgrade the Present Squad before Next Season?

The evaluation of the squad of Brentford Club shows the existence of a gap in the players’ capability, and the club has to strategically shuffle the squad for the team to remain competitive and achieve greater goals. The team shows great irreproachability in its core, mainly through the presence of Neal Maupay and Mathias Jensen, and, at the same time, some positions will need to be reinforced. The unavoidable dependency on only a few players for goals and a lack of depth in strong defensive positions show the places where fresh talents could re-energize the club and balance the responsibility throughout the team.


In conclusion, Brentford FC is at a turning point where they will determine the course of their squad’s transfer window as the new season kicks off. The given analysis shows that the group has a semblance of confidence, symbolized by Neal Maupay and Mathias Jensen, but the loss of certain players is going to hit hard, and the gaps will need to be filled in order to ensure the squad’s competitiveness.. Last but not least, with sales and purchases of players and squad development being factors that can determine their performance in the next season; the way Brentford engages in the market will also be of great importance.