Football betting may be set to return

The weekend saw a return to a major sporting event as UFC249 took place in Florida with only a little hiccup as one of the athletes tested positive for the coronavirus just two days before the event was scheduled to take place – with this, the stage has been set for other sporting events to get back underway as many now hope that good news could be on the way in other sports.

We’ve seen some positive rumblings within football – the Bundesliga in Germany has been given the go ahead to get training underway again and although there has been a number of snags as some players have been tested positive much like the UFC athlete, it hasn’t seemed to slow the interest in preparing for the league to restart again – similar stories can also be seen within Spain as clearing the teams to train happened a week before Germany announced the same as long as some testing requirements were met. The next big league on the list that many are awaiting an answer for is within the Premier League as the execs face a decisive week for the season and whether or not it will be played out to completion. Fears over huge losses if the season were to be cancelled have been surrounding the league since the last games were played in March, and as time has ticked on uncertainty around how the season would shape up has continued to grow, an announcement within the UK over the bank holiday weekend didn’t suggest that any change would come to sporting events and many hope that the week following would offer some good news – if permission is given then tentatively teams would begin training again and offering a kickstart to English football once again.

This is good news for gaming operators – the UFC event was able to pull in huge numbers as some claim this to be the biggest betting event in their recent history, with a number of these operators struggling recently, games getting underway once again could spell the start of a recovery for both football and the betting operators that rely on football games taking place – Max Casinos list these sites that are preparing in the event that football does return shortly and if looking at Europe is any indication, there may be some pressure to do the same here.

This doesn’t solve all the problems, however, as smaller teams are still very much at risk regardless of the decisions that are made going forward – for the foreseeable future it is expected that these games will continue to take place in empty stadiums following social distancing rules, these  smaller teams typically rely on ticket sales as fans attend events, and without them may continue to be at risk of not being able to support themselves as delays continue to occur. The coming week is important for English football, however, and may be the catalyst for getting the entire season back underway – but any changes that  do come will be held tentatively, as one positive covid-19 test could change any decisions that are made.