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Meet the team

Here are some members of the West London Sport team:

David McIntyre
David has reported on area’s football clubs for the local and national media since 1999.
Email: [email protected]

Chris Charles
Chris also joined after leaving the BBC. His BBC Sport blog was hugely popular and can now be found at West London Sport.
Email: [email protected]

James Doe
A specialist in user-generated content, James founded the popular ‘Non-League Day’ and is another ex-BBC man.
Email: [email protected]

Yann Tear
Former sports editor at the west London Gazette Newspapers series, with years of experience covering the area’s big clubs. Has worked for Sky Sports and been a regular contributor to national and regional print publications and sports websites.

Nathan Thompson
Nathan is our web guru. He designed the site and is responsible for all technical issues.

Martin Gough
A former assistant editor on the BBC Sport website, Martin focuses on Olympic and Paralympic sports but also covers rugby union and American football.

Lyall Thomas
Lyall has worked for a number of newspapers and agencies. He specialises in football reporting.

Andrew Raeburn
Andrew has also worked for the BBC and is an experienced broadcaster as well as non-League expert.