Chelsea ‘They like to cry’ – Jose taunts Gunners

Mourinho has money to spend.

Jose Mourinho dismissed suggestions that John Mikel Obi was fortunate not to be sent off during the 0-0 draw at Arsenal, who “like to cry” according to the Chelsea boss.

The Gunners were angry after Mikel was given the benefit of the doubt by referee Mike Dean following a second-half challenge on Mikel Arteta.

But Mourinho, still unbeaten against Arsenal, said: “They like to cry. That’s tradition.

“English people, for example Frank Lampard, never provoke a situation like that and players from some countries – especially some countries – have it in their blood.

“Even if the opponent is aggressive with you, keep going. Let’s go – this is English football.

“Football is for men – or women with a fantastic attitude. It is a game of contact. The referee had a great game.”

Chants of “boring, boring Chelsea” rang out from the frustrated home fans after the final whistle.

Mourinho countered: “I agree. I’ve played against them 10 times and never lost.”

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  1. Comment by Surveys
    11:26 pm

    What is it about these so called English players that he keeps on ranting. It is very bad trying to criticize foreign players just to gain favour from English press and fans. Boring boring football manager!

  2. Comment by Roy J Hunt
    11:27 pm

    Of course the ref had a good game for 2 face Mourinio,he should have sent the Brazilian player off,never booked the right back for a chest high lunge and never gave a pen for Walcott whohad his leg pulled from under him by the same Brazilian.Mike Dean was crap,he lost the plot from the beginning.He looks past it to me.Oh,and Mourinio seems very devious and untrustworthy,sort of a stab in the back type.He’s never left a club on good terms.

  3. Comment by Uncle Sam
    12:02 am

    This uncouth idiot likes to vomit thrash. I think he believes that he is the best thing to have come out of that wretched Portugal that is why he has the nerve to disrespect other nationals. I think the stupid fool should just be ignored.

  4. Comment by Gabby
    12:13 am

    You’re a noise maker and brag too much.

  5. Comment by Jigga
    4:04 am

    Arsenal fans should accept facts… It’s because ur team is full of foreigners. Jose knows what he’s saying, Arteta is Spanish and he knows Barcelona players act a lot so Arteta isn’t different from them.

  6. Comment by Police
    6:43 am

    Can’t help but to notice the frustration from you gooners. Face it, you were never gonna win the league and only held the top position (as usual) for the first half of the league and now you must eventually struggle for fourth (as usual). Why won’t you find Chelsea boring when you couldn’t crack them up? Hehehehe

  7. Comment by Nick
    3:05 pm

    Haha Jose is such a little baby! He can’t win crap!

  8. Comment by Sugar
    4:48 pm

    So many salty comments in the comments. I can make a meal with all this salt!

  9. Comment by sojourner11
    5:09 pm

    You don’t have to be a Gunners fan to see how horrible the officiating was!

  10. Comment by fergus
    6:16 pm

    Arsene hadn,t the balls to break the bank for Suarez, biggest mistake ever, is it the way the man cannot stand a bigger personality than himself, whinging away every weekend and blaming everyone else, imo as an Arsenal fan, he has gone past his sell by date

  11. Comment by fredrick Ssegujja
    11:17 am

    That is expected from a person like Mor, he is good at talking.

  12. Comment by Arnel Hategekimana
    5:01 pm

    We like to cry huh? At least we weren’t the ones that got awarded a bullshit penalty at the last minute so we wouldn’t lose our home streak. The fucker went on to call Steve Reid a “Mickey Mouse” player.

  13. Comment by Christopher salmon
    11:42 pm

    Have you noticed when Jose plays a top four team he always goes for a more defensive line up like he thinks, I could lose three points here so if I set my team up this way at least I’lĺ more than likely get a point. Your a coward Jose.

  14. Comment by collyzo
    6:51 am

    José is the worst complaining coach,he complains from the pitch,why blaming wenger just because the officiating was in his favor.
    He is dropping another point with Swansea, after 5 more draws or lose let’s see how far with all the brags,
    may be he will go back to Portugal to coach braga


  15. Comment by Emi
    12:03 pm

    Oh! Jose,Jose Mour, I have never seen a manager who cries more than Jose Mourinho, today the Ref, Mike Dean was on his side tomorrow it might be other way round then we see him complaining, they called him special one for Chelsea Talks toomuch man. Mike Dean should be demoted to lower division for his bad officiating.

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